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                    DiVAS Fashion Tips: fashionable tips for quality attire

This page is for the stylish Pregnant DiVAS, the Grand DiVAS and every fashion conscious girl in between. Our family consists of DiVAS at every age and stage of life.

Does your style say Fashionista? Are you a Fashion Editor or Writer of a thriving DiVAS-licious magazine? Or an owner of a Posh Boutique? Do you have a fabulous up-and-coming fashion event? Then we want to hear from you.

Tell us your favorite fashion pick for the season. Suggest style tips on how to WEAR OUR TEES with YOUR favorite item. Suggest your handbag, jeans, jewelry…

We will post the well-polished and distinguished article with a link to your website. You will have exclusive advertisement for a full trimester (that’s maternity talk for 3 months).

Our DiVAS will visit your boutique, read your magazines, and attend your events. Hey it’s a win-win for all of us.

For detailed information and to add your business or organization to our DiVAS Directory, please send your business/organization name, URL, and a 3-4 sentence description of your products and/or services to

Email or call for details.

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Lannessa Moshay
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