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Houston, Tx.

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Name   Kimberly Holiday-Coleman                                                                                    Date   3/2/2008
City      Houston                                                                                                                State   Tx

39 yrs. old Ecstatic Mother of 4, w/ 1 on the way EDD: 4/17/2008. All 4 children, 2 Boys and 2 Girls were home birthed. Expecting a Baby Boy. Married to my Awesomely Wonderful Husband Rashod for 8½ Incredible Years. Interests: Growing & Learning in God, attending college, reading, writing short stories and singing (Gospel, R&B, and Jazz), spending my free time with Husband and children, and yoga. As for the Pregnant DiVAS Product line: I really enjoy wearing these maternity clothes. They are incredibly comfortable, light, and have a modern edge to them. My favorite part besides the breath ability of the soft, cotton fabric is the "Swarovski Crystals". The crystals catch the light and instantly I am my own star! I can wear these garments to school, shopping and yoga. The versatility is neat. I can also dress up the shirt with a dressy pair of jeans and blazer for an impromptu dinner with my husband in town.

Name   Diane Sylvester                                                                                                     Date   6/6/2008
City      Houston                                                                                                                State   Tx

My name is Diane Sylvester,

I’m a native Houstonian. I’m 31 years of age and have been married to my wonderful husband Brandon for a year. We currently have what I think is one of God’s most precious daughters who is 2years old (my Brie). I have been an employee at the University of Houston for 11years and enjoy the environment of my work place. I do love to praise dance because it’s my time to express myself, encourage not only me but God’s people as well and it’s when I can let go of all the emotions that I hold inside. It’s my peace and my comfort. Pregnant DiVAS is owned by a beautiful Butterfly and so I chose to get a Pregnant DiVAS t-shirt from her for two reasons: 1) to support her business, and 2) because God has blessed us to have new bundle of joy. My due date is November 1, 2008 and we’re excited about adding a new addition to the family. Since I have not found out what our little love will be I chose to get the black t-shirt with the pink belly. The pink belly represents me since I’m a girl; we do not have knowledge of whether the baby is a boy or a girl. This t-shirt is awesome it feels really good; it’s comfortable and very roomy for my growing belly. I knew the day I wore it I looked like a jewel in it. (By the way that’s what my mom called me when she was living, her Jewel). I felt really special in my shirt. You know it’s always great when you get compliments from others: they said things like that’s pretty, I want one but I’m not pregnant, I love that shirt you look good in it. But the best compliment came from my husband. He said “how much!!!! What does that shirt do!” I laughed and said it’s not just rhinestones but its swarvoski crystals. When I brought it home and put it on to show him he looked at it on me and said “Oh that’s nice, you look like a beauty queen in that shirt and it’s like God is shinning over you and my son.” (No, it’s not a boy because we haven’t found out yet, that’s what he thinks.) Thank you Pregnant DiVAS we love the shirt and will be getting a new once we know the sex of the baby.

Name   Lexus                                                                                                                   Date   6/11/2008
City      Houston                                                                                                                State   Tx

Hi Mrs. Lannessa,

First I would like to say, "Thank you for making me a model for a day” I had a lot of fun being a DARLING DIVAS Top Model. My name is Lexus, I am in 5th grade and I am looking forward to being in middle school next year. I won 1st place in my school districts UIL writing competition and I am pretty proud of that. I love my DARLING DIVAS outfit. It is cute (just like me), and so comfy and soft. You are very creative Mrs. Lannessa. My Mom says I'm like you. So I guess I'll have to where my Pink DARLING DIVAS shirt on the cover of my first published novel.


Name   Rashanique Aaron                                                                                                   Date   6/13/2008
City      Houston                                                                                                                  State   Tx


I am Rashanique Aaron, I just had to write to tell you how excited I am about the DiVAS collection. Each time I wear my black Queen DiVAS t-shirt I receive many compliments, whether in the hair salon where I work as a stylist or at school. The shirt is comfortable and very soft. My clients tell me how nice the shirt looks. As a hair stylist it is important to keep an image and the shirt allows me to do so, even when I wear my shirt with jeans. The price for your shirt is reasonable especially since the crystals are applied by hand. I also have a pair of your lounge pants and they are extremely comfortable. I am part of a dance ministry and we all purchased a pair. We are uniformed and we look good as one unit. Koodos to the owner; your customer service is outstanding! We thank you for personally delivering our order to the group.

Name   Dominique                                                                                                           Date   6/15/2008
City      Houston                                                                                                              State   Tx


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